Positions for labor

Birth and labor specialist, Penny Simkins, created this chart for positions in labor that help the baby move down and comfort the mother. Feel free to print it out and use it. Take it with you to the hospital. If you have  a Doula, she'll know all of these positions.

​Why do these positions help shorten your labor? Because they change the angle of the pelvis, giving baby every opportunity to get through the birth canal. Often baby is not lined up perfectly. If her head is turned a bit to the side or his chin is tucked down it can slow your labor. Changing the angle of the pelvis helps babies readjust their position in the pelvis.

Women who work with their labor to help baby move down can shorten the length of their labor. How to do that?

As you know, the pelvis has boney prominences. Baby's head has boney prominences. When the two meet, baby can be blocked from moving further down. You need to keep changing the angle of the pelvis so baby has an opportunity to move. Simply putting a leg up in a chair changes the angle. Rocking east, west, north and south on a birth ball changes the angle. Slow dancing with your partner changes it. This is the advantage of not getting the epidural early, because getting the epidural means you lose your legs. Try to stay in motion. 


Shorten your labor