What Makes a Safe Nursery? 

Be aware that many crib mattresses do have fumes that are harmful. Simply purchase your mattress early and let the fumes dissipate. Place it in a garage to air, or even outside. Likewise, if you can’t buy the non-volatile paints for your nursery just paint the nursery early and let the fumes dissipate. And for heaven’s sake, DON’T feel obligated to choose pink or blue. Paint in colors that satisfy you. Baby doesn’t care 

Visit the baby blogs on safe nurseries and you’ll discover lots of information about organic mattresses, non-volatile paints and other recommendations.
If you have a budget that allows those choices, great.

Creating a Healthy

& Safe nursery

If your budget does not allow for organic mattresses and other recommended items there is NO reason to feel guilty. As long as your baby is loved and kept safe you have everything you need. Look around Babies-R-Us and think about it. There is nothing in their inventory (or any other business) that babies had at the turn of the century. Yet, we feel we need everything they sell. You can make do with far less and stay safe.

 and you are going to be spending a lot of time in the nursery you design.

As a Doula, I have seen many babies come home before the nursery was ready. In one case, dad removed a drawer from a chest, lined it with padding and a blanket, and baby rested comfortably there until the crib arrived. Babies don’t know, or care, about decorating. Make your nursery comfortable for YOU.

A great way to stay in budget is to purchase or borrow baby furniture that grows with your baby. Cribs that turn into toddler beds that turn into single beds are a great idea. Car seats that turn into booster seats for older children are a savings as well.

Don’t stress. Keep it simple. It’s all about love.